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Merry Christmas - Rev. Alice Hupp this writing we are now just over a week to Christmas. Do you have all of your shopping done? What about those last minute gifts? We have been focusing on being mindful of the gifts we give and when purchasing gifts, who profits from them. We have challenged our congregation to think about giving at least one gift this year on behalf of Jesus. When we look under the tree to see all those presents, which one belongs to Jesus? Maybe this year we could give a gift that we can enjoy and at the same time help someone in need. There are a number of organizations out there that will benefit from a gift that helps “the least of these” such as:

Heifer International: sending money to this organization helps buy all or part of an animal or seeds etc. costing as little as $10 all the way up to $5,000 that will buy an Ark of animals in a third world county.

Beads for Life: an organization from Colorado, that helps women in Africa escape slave labor by creating a business making jewelry from magazine pages so that they may make money enough to purchase their own small home and put food on the table.

Water International: is an organization that Advent Conspiracy supports, the group who’s study we are using this Advent season, building water wells.

See what you can do to really impact the lives of your loved ones and at the same time make a difference in the lives of the least of these!

Merry Christmas from Park Place

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