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Giving Thanks to God - Reverend Hupp

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The countdown is on...just 9 days before Thanksgiving! Are you in preparation for the big day? By preparation I don’t just mean food prep….but also spiritual prep.

This past Sunday, we talked about the importance of giving thanks to God and others for the blessings we receive each and every day. We talked about the value to the soul to acknowledge how we are changed by the actions of others and God. Park Place has been challenged that for these next 9 days we might want to begin a Gratitude Journal where each day an entry is made where a blessing has occurred or acknowledge something we are thankful for. We are challenged to look for the blessing even in the midst of difficulty. At times when we are going through tough things, it’s hard to see anything good coming from it...but often in hindsight, we discover some kind of blessing was present. Our challenge is to turn on our Reticular Activating System, (R.A.S.) or our brain’s radar, to scan the horizon to search out ways God is involved in every aspect of our life and at work in our interactions with others.

We here at Park Place have a lot of wonderful blessings all around us. We are thankful for our wonderful staff, some very talented people, working for all of you and on behalf of God. We have an amazing music program that blesses us each and every Sunday. We have gifted teachers who give of their time… we have wonderful, beautiful children giggling and squirming in church or running the halls...we have amazing cooks too!

As we enter into this holiday season, we come with thankful hearts...maybe not always expressing it to others...but today we begin to write about it, and express it to those around us. We are and will be changed when we do let the blessings begin and the gift we get back when we do...It might just surprise us...with new revelations and a heart filled with love …

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