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Play for all

  UPDATE: We are so excited that we broke ground for Phase 1 of Play for All on September 10, 2020! Phase 1 will include everything to the right of the fence in the picture below. Weather dependent, this phase will be completed in October 2020. Our goal is to complete Phases 2 and 3 by Summer 2021. The video above is of the original rendition of the playground; while our layout has changed, all the same equipment is is included. Please see information below on how you can give to Phases 2 and 3!

  In 2016, Park Place Christian Church took part in a study to help refocus its mission. As a result, the Church shifted from a membership-based philosophy to mission-driven activity, this lead members to focus on caring for community, city, and world rather than on membership numbers. This realignment focused on three outcomes, two of which have already been met in the successful creation of a community prayer garden and the community vegetable garden. The third focus is a community playground.


  The Wichita Falls community does not currently have an All-Inclusive Playground. We believe all children should have the right, regardless of ability to play in an inclusive, accepting environment. Playground equipment should invite inclusion and open conversations. Park Place Christian Church owns enough land to house a large all-inclusive playground that will ensure children of all abilities are able to laugh, learn, play, and grow in a safe, encouraging environment.


  Landscape Structures Incorporated and its partner, Whirlix Designs, have been providing playground equipment that affords all children with the ability to play and grow together since the 1970’s. These companies provide a lasting product that will benefit children in the Wichita Falls and surrounding areas for generations to come. One of the playground arrangements that provide equal opportunities for typically developing and differently-abled children is featured in the photo above.


  To finance the project, the Church looks to partner with corporations, service clubs, foundations, and grant sources within our community. Contributions will be tax deductible. Levels of sponsorship will be available, and contributors will be acknowledged on a sponsorship board in the park. Along with donations by the Church, the project will be fully funded through these means.


  The why is simple: Over 1,700 differently abled children in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas are currently without a public place to play. By partnering with The Upside, Advocacy and Advancement for Individuals with Down Syndrome, and other organizations in our area, we can change that and create a brighter, all-inclusive future for our children.


Donations can be made through PayPal, available for Android and iPhone, mailing a check to the church, or through an account set up at Wells Fargo Bank for Play for All.

For more information please contact:

Park Place Christian Church

attn: Candy Tucker

4400 Call Field Road

Wichita Falls, TX 76308

(940 692-0165

Find us on Facebook: PlayForAllWF

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