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Our Personal Mission - Reverend Hupp

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

I remember watching the Today Show one morning, when Kathy Lee Gifford was still on. She made a statement that resonated with me which was: “If you have a pulse, you have a purpose”. Wow...powerful...yes?

How many of us try to put limitations on what we think we can do? Some want to say that because of age or sex or education or position that they are unable to make an impact in the world….Yet we see all around us people who are doing a

mazing things in spite of other’s perceived limitations.

There was this young couple that wanted their children to see the value in giving back so they set out to Mexico to join a work group to build homes for poor families. The children at first didn’t want to go...but once they got there and saw the impact of their work and relationships built, they came home and started raising money to do another home build the next year. Now some years later, they have consistently raised enough money to not just build one house but to build two each summer!

How about the beloved 98 year old, sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt. She is the team chaplain for the Loyola University-Chicago basketball team. She inspires the team and all who are within ear shot as she tells them to Worship, Work and Win.

What thoughts of limitation might be holding you back? Maybe you have a heart to serve but think you’re too old, too young, too limited by health issues, the wrong sex or no status…. The truth of the matter is that God can and does use all of us in some way.

Who would have ever thought that David, a lowly shepherd who was the smallest of all his brothers would end up defeating the giant Goliath? But he had to believe that he could defeat this giant and believe God would lead him into his kingship.

Who would have believed a woman would lead the Israelites into battle because her right hand captain was too afraid...but Deborah and her army defeated the enemy.

It’s essential that we keep our mission in front of us... believe God does call us and will resource us… and to know with God what seems limiting to us is only the limitations we nurture in our own head.

Your Servant in Christ, Rev. Alice

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