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A Word from Reverend Hupp

As of this writing we are almost 2 weeks into Lent. For some, this time may be just another day but for those intently working on a Lenten practice, the hope is some revelation has come to light.

This past Sunday I was talking about how we are spiritual beings as well as flesh and blood beings. If you think about your blood as the physical part and breath as the spiritual part, maybe we’ve discovered which part gets more attention this season. It is God’s wish to be a part of everything we do. Whether or not we acknowledge God, God is always intently there enriching us but it comes down to perception. Do we perceive God or feel God as an integral part of who we are?

It’s is also important to know that God always loves us and wants the best for us. When we veer off that track we begin to feel uneasy, because our internal compass is set on God. The further away we get, the more uneasy we feel, whereas the closer we get to our God-Connection, the stronger we feel. We may beat up on ourselves for something we have done, but God never does, never will. God is always there to cheer us forward to live at our highest and best. When we tune into that spiritual part of us we learn our value, discover our direction and feel empowered to do whatever we are lead to do.

The Light of Christ dwells within us. How do we allow that Light to shine through us? Because God dwells in us, we are fully equipped to be holy. Isn’t that a revelation?! We are Special...we are Loved…we are Empowered...we are Spirit within. Imagine how much we can change the world if we but understand the power within. We are blessed and we are gifted.

During this season of Lent, if you haven’t yet started a time of meditation, I encourage you to begin. Connect with the Spirit within, the gift from God, so that we can be God’s partner in the world sharing the Good News.

In Christ’s Service, Reverend Alice

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