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A Word from Reverend Hupp

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

There was a woman once who brought home a plaque that said, “Prayer changes things." She put it in her kitchen, above her sink. Her husband came home and said, “Take that down, please.” She said, “Why? Don’t you believe in prayer?” He said, “Yes, but I don’t believe in change.”

Change, that’s the word we all struggle with from time to time. Things around Park Place are changing by the minute and in the not so distant future, there will be even bigger changes. We get tied into old familiar patterns, and when things are not what we expect we feel a sense of loss and in some cases, panic. I hope that you have noticed some of the great changes we have made here in the past year and feel a sense of anticipation for what is yet to come.

After we did a church-wide study with Hope Partnership, we discovered that we wanted to be intentional about mission. That meant change. Change should be determined by what our mission is. Mission is what ought to drive that change. We should not do things because other churches do them, not even successful churches. Change should come only to enhance our mission. So, be patient with yourself and the church as things around here are in the midst of flux...but know these changes have intention and a way of preparing the ground for what is yet to come. Hang in there church...we are on the move and we are making a difference!

In Christ’s Service, Rev. Alice

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