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Reconnect with God - Revered Hupp

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

This past week as I was watching the Today Show, they did a story about the upsurge in people seeking to learn ways to meditate. Ten years ago the percentage of those interested was around 4%. Today that num

ber has surged to 14.4%. Now you can even find an app for that! A man who had been a monk for 10 years is one of many who has developed an app to help people find ways to not only get in touch with themselves but with their Higher Power...aka ...God.

Jesus had always talked about the Kingdom of God is near… meaning he was with them but also that the Kingdom of God was within. Even in Genesis 1 we read about God breathing into humanity the Breath of Life...aka the Spirit. When we take time to quiet ourselves from the business of the world, taking time away from our cell phones and social media, we can reconnect with the power within as well as the power of God in all things around us.

It seems that we struggle to connect or reconnect with our own God- given power that allows us to be a transforming agent in the world, either because of negative messages we have internalized or because we just don’t know how...But there’s an app for that. Even the monk laughs that the very thing we try to take a break from...the the very place to find the app to learn to disconnect from the world and connect with God.

So what can we do? Spend some time this week and think about your past year. Where have you seen God at work in your life? How has God been a superpower for you? Where was the place you found solace and rest? It does take practice and let’s begin today. In Christ’s Service, Rev. Alice

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