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Watching the Parade - by Traci Roberts

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

There’s a story of a young boy that lived in the country in the 1800’s. He saw a poster in town advertising the circus. He asked his father if he could go. He had never been to the circus and was fascinated by the pictures on the poster. His father gave him a dollar to get into the circus and off he went to town. He was so excited!

As he neared the town there was a huge line of people. He worked his way through the crowd to get to the front. A huge cage rolled by with lions and tigers roaring at the crowd. The boy was awestruck! Another cage with bears, then one with elephants rolled by. He could not believe his eyes! Soon, a group of trapeze artists came along, twirling and dancing and doing somersaults. The boy was mesmerized! The last performers to come along were the clowns. He had only seen clowns in pictures books, but here were real clowns right in front of him.

The boy took out his dollar bill, handed it to one of the clowns, and walked home. He didn’t realize that this was only the parade, not the circus. He didn’t know there was more.

How many of us settle for the parade by attending church and not being involved in the life of the church? There is so much more! The church is a living being that comes alive when we gather to put breath into it. We cannot sit idly by and just watch the parade pass us by and think, “That was nice”. Chose to be part of the “more”. It’s much more exciting on the side of the parade! See you in church!!

by Traci Roberts

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